We raise awareness of the risks and harms gambling can cause in local communities − not only for individuals, but for communities as a whole.


Gambling Risk Informed Nova Scotia (GRINS) wants the province to be a healthy, resilient place where people can thrive and flourish in communities free from gambling harms.

Gambling is legal, but it is not harmless. Gambling can lead to increases in bankruptcies, domestic violence, embezzlement, and even suicide. And there is a ripple effect. Millions of dollars in income that could have been spent in local businesses leave our communities each year. Donating to charities has changed into gambling– we give because we have the “chance” of winning back more than we gave. We pay more in taxes to cover the costs of increased needs for mental health, addictions and social services.

Gambling harms are felt by all of us as citizens, and especially by those of us who are particularly vulnerable such as youth and seniors.


Discover some of the individual and community risks of gambling, and how there can easily be a domino effect.


Learn about the intentionally manipulative design of gambling practices.


Find out what GRINS is currently working on and how you can support the project or participate.

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