KCAGoG (GRINS) receives GANS grant

Kings Community Action Group on Gambling’s proposal, “Building Community Readiness to Reduce Gambling Harm”, has been accepted for funding under the Special One Year Community Grant Funding from Gambling Awareness Nova Scotia. This project has been developed to engage three towns and two villages in Kings County in a process that will increase their capacity…

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Business Workshop: Replacing Revenues at Risk – Feb 17, 2014, 1-4pm

As community cultures shift, businesses need to be able to change, to grow and adapt. Is your business strongest in one season, and losing money in the others? Do you need to add value to your product to compete with imports? Is one of your products or services declining in popularity and you need to…

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KCAGoG Receives 2013 WIF Grant

On April 3rd KCAGoG received a Wellness Intitiative Fund (WIF) grant from Eastern Kings, Western Kings and Kingston/Greenwood Community Health Boards. Reducing Dependency on VLT Revenues In our previous WIF grant (2012) we focused on beginning a campaign to raise awareness of the presence of VLTs in our county. Rather than taking a negative approach,…

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