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Excerpt from article: Aly Thomson, THE CANADIAN PRESS Published Friday, January 17, 2014 1:09PM AST Last Updated Friday, January 17, 2014 1:56PM AST   HALIFAX — A new video lottery terminal gaming centre opened this week in Halifax despite an outcry from residents who fear it will lead to a spike in gambling addiction, but [...]

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Speak to your local legislators to let them know the harms that this will bring. Read the full story on CBC web site: Walk into nearly any corner store in the country and the sight of a lottery terminal doesn’t cause so much as a ripple, but that wasn’t always so. Before Parliament changed [...]

Heather and Bruce presented to the “Knowing our Communities” conference on Wednesday, speaking on impact of gambling industry advertising. The conference was sponsored by Injury Free Nova Scotia. The PowerPoint is available here: KCAGoG-Presentation-Knowing-our-Communities-2  

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On April 3rd KCAGoG received a Wellness Intitiative Fund (WIF) grant from Eastern Kings, Western Kings and Kingston/Greenwood Community Health Boards. Reducing Dependency on VLT Revenues In our previous WIF grant (2012) we focused on beginning a campaign to raise awareness of the presence of VLTs in our county. Rather than taking a negative approach, [...]