Want to learn more about risk informed gambling practices? Below you will find links to a range of content on the topic.

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Canadian Gaming Association: “The benefits of gaming in Canada are significant. It is the largest single component of Canada’s entertainment industry, contributing funds for important public programs and charities.  The industry direct employs over 135,000 Canadians, pays more than $2 billion in salaries annually and represents over $10 billion in current capital construction.”

Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation: “The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) is responsible for the business of gaming in Nova Scotia. It is a Crown corporation governed by the provincial Gaming Control Act, and is charged with leading an economically sustainable and socially responsible gaming industry for the benefit of Nova Scotians and their communities.”

2012-2013 Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation Social Responsibility Community Report (Video)

Your Best Bet: “Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation’s Responsible Gambling website, developed to provide information on gambling, responsible play and other helpful resources. One of the key features is the My Best Bet Log where you can track your gambling activity and spending habits to better manage your play.”

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