Swedish epidemiological study on gambling and health

Running from 2008 until 2015, the Swedish longitudinal gambling study (Swelogs) is the largest research program ever on problem gambling and health in Sweden. It is led and financed by the Swedish National Institute of Public Health. The study shows that two percent of the population have gambling problems and four percent are at risk…


District Health Authorities Launch Gambling & Substance Use Awareness Campaign

April 2, 2013 With funding from Gambling Awareness Nova Scotia (GANS) the Community Health Boards of the Colchester East Hants and Cumberland Health Authorities are today releasing a social marketing campaign aimed at bringing greater awareness of the supports and resources available to people seeking help with problem gambling behaviors or substance use. The campaign,…

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KCAGoG Receives 2013 WIF Grant

On April 3rd KCAGoG received a Wellness Intitiative Fund (WIF) grant from Eastern Kings, Western Kings and Kingston/Greenwood Community Health Boards. Reducing Dependency on VLT Revenues In our previous WIF grant (2012) we focused on beginning a campaign to raise awareness of the presence of VLTs in our county. Rather than taking a negative approach,…

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